Lot Nr: 41 - Floral Still Life
Carl Krenek, (1880 - 1948)

Estimate: 10000 - 12000,- Euro
Opening price: 5000,- Euro
Oil on cardboard;
Signed upper right;
17,2 x 12,8 in inch Silver Plated Frame;

Carl Krenek is known as a rather graphically oriented Art Nouveau artist with a strong ornamental character, which made him the creator of some works with recognition value. In the present still life of flowers, Carl Krenek shows his painterly qualities and is more oriented towards Paris than Vienna. The haunting still life against a dark background with a chimney-red vase, can also be interpreted as a suggestion of vanitas through the first falling petals, but at the same time symbolises blossoming life through refined and airily depicted flowers. Instead of an ornamental solution, Krenek shows a painterly generosity with a high symbolic content that is rare in his work.

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