About us

The Lehner Art Auctions have a clear focus on classic modernism and contemporary art, both of national and international origin. The focus of our efforts is the satisfaction of our customers. We try to provide the optimum results both for our consignor as well as for our buyer. To achieve this, we reduce ourselves to a few auctions with reasonable offers. By doing so, we can look for appropriate buyers for each object and invest a lot of time in objects that elsewhere often do not receive the necessary appreciation. The arrogance that sometimes prevails in the art market is contrary to us . The enjoyment of art and the construction of collections is our driving force and was the motivation for the creation of this house.

Every year we carry out at least three auctions and allow ourselves the luxury to auction only those works that match our quality concept and meet the expected acceptance of our customers. Thus we make the auction for both the consignor and buyer attractive.

The auctioneer and managing director is Dr. Frederik Lehner who has been active in the art trade as the second generation. As operator of the auction house and a gallery, we can always offer our consignors the ideal mix of the auction house and art trade and often develop unique sales strategies.

Our experts

Classic Modern: Dr. Frederik Lehner
Printmaking, 19th. Century: Mag. Ulrike Hakl
Contemporary Art: Dr. Frederik Lehner
Art of the 20th Century from Italy: Mag. Simone Höller

The auction house is located on the premises of the Lehner gallery and as a direct neighbor of the Secession, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Museum Quarter is in the heart of the cultural district of Vienna.

We specialize , among others, in the following artists.

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