Lot Nr: 8 - Untitled, c. 2001
Roland Goeschl, (1932 - 2016)

Estimate: 30000 - 45000,- Euro
Opening price: 15000,- Euro
Plaster painted;
58,3 x 16,9 x 12,5 in inch

The present figure is an extremely rare, large-scale sculpture made of concrete and painted gold by one of the most important representatives of concrete art in Austria. This early exhibit is the model for an extremely rare bronze sculpture that is also presented at the Belvedere. The work was created while the artist was still an academician and marks an important turning point in his oeuvre. Still influenced by many fellow artists and above all by his teacher Fritz Wotruba, signs of his independent style can already be seen. The concrete, typical of his work, rises vertically from the ground and is painted gold, presumably to imitate the appearance of the bronze sculpture that was later cast. The work with first-class provenance was acquired by a family friend of the artist and has since been in private hands. Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist by a family friend. Since then in family possession.

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