Lot Nr: 11 - 3 Design Sketches Pier Sellin, Ruegen, c. 1992
Gottfried Helnwein, (*1948)

Estimate: 16000 - 20000,- Euro
Opening price: 8000,- Euro
Mixed media on cardboard;
Each signed lower right;
20 x 29 in / 20 x 29 in / 24 x 31 in inch

The unique graphics are three views of the Sellin pier in Rügen for presentation for an operator concept. Gottfried Helnwein was commissioned to architecturally redesign the pier, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century. These precise and graphically perfect designs are the result of his submission. The Austrian-Irish artist is known for his hyper-realistic painting style. The three-part design for a pier in Rügen shines in cool azure blue and harmonises with the turquoise roofs of the architecture. The designs attain an independent quality due to their high degree of stylisation. A work that radiates with power and freshness and is without equal on the market.

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